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Money Clip or Wallet

August 10, 2019

For the man of exceptional style and standards, the right accessory is about several factors. It needs to be stylish, functional, and present the right image to meet his needs. When it comes to the long-standing choice between money clip or wallet, there are a few aspects worth taking into consideration.

Carrying Capacity

The carrying capacity is usually a factor for any man of style deciding between a money clip or wallet. While both are capable of carrying the essentials of cash, identification, and a credit card or two, a wallet usually offers a bit more in terms of carrying capacity. A money clip is great for cash and a few cards, but if you are looking to carrying multiple cards or even change, a wallet is the better choice. Whether you choose a money clip or a wallet, the key to maintaining a classy, presentable image is to avoid overstuffing either one. A true man of style knows style is about keeping things simple and streamlined.

Ease of Use

When choosing between money clip or wallet, the matter of ease is a factor. As any man knows, fumbling with your form of payment isn't a good look for a man in charge of every aspect of your life. You need to find the accessory you are most comfortable with on a daily basis. If you are more comfortable with a wallet, then opt for that over a money clip and vice versa. When it comes to size, you may find a money clip is better suited to your pocket and ease of use. There is no right or wrong answer and it may simply come down to preference on this aspect.


The matter of style should never be compromised regardless of which one you choose. While some would assume a wallet as the more stylish choice, money clips are no longer reduced to a simple metal clip. There are leather money clips using magnets to securely hold money in style. Of course, the matter of whether you find a leather money clip or a leather wallet more fashionable is truly a matter of personal taste.

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