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Modern Men's Wallets

June 18, 2020

Modern Men's Wallets

The man of today knows that style and function should be effortlessly rolled into one wallet. The days of wallets only meeting the need of carrying bills has been replaced with a more personalized approach. When it comes to modern men's wallets, many of the most popular options on the market today take a streamlined approach to keep up with the needs of the modern man. The man of today wants an option to carry all the necessities without adding too much bulk. Let's take a closer look at the details behind this trend, as well as a few suggestions for modern men's wallets.

Slim and Stylish

The main takeaway behind the notion of modern men's wallets is that they are sleek, slim, and streamlined to your most essential needs. The notion of an overstuffed wallet is a sign of a messy lifestyle that is unfit for the modern man of style. Here are a few more reasons why slim is in:

  • Less mess. When you overstuff a wallet or use a larger wallet meant to hold more stuff, it will eventually lead to a mess. Since many people feel the need to use any and all space available to them in a wallet, the mess is inevitable. A slim wallet is better for avoiding this packrat mentality so you only keep the essentials on hand.
  • Smaller impact on identity theft. If your wallet is stolen, you leave yourself open to a greater scope of identity theft when you carry all your cards with you. With a slimmer wallet for the modern man, you carry only a few credit cards at a time and it reduces how much of your information is compromised if the wallet is lost or stolen.
  • Presents the right image. The modern man of style knows a neat, well-kept appearance is key to setting a tone of class and esteem. A slim wallet helps you present that image with ease.
  • Retain items better. A wallet that is smaller forces you to streamline what you carry. This can also in turn help ensure items do not fall out and get lost. If you have ever carried a wallet meant to carry a lot and stuffed it to the capacity, you probably know it's all too easy for a few tickets, cards, or even cash to fall out as a result.
  • Less wear on clothing. A slimmer, modern wallet will result in less wear on the pockets of your pants or shirt pocket. The slim design will also be easier to slide in and out of the pocket as an added benefit.
  • Less wear on the wallet. A slimmer wallet will also take on less wear and tear, provided you do not attempt to overstuff it.

Top Modern Wallets

Now that you know why slim styles are the top choice for modern men's wallets, let's take a look at a few of the top options. These are slim options made for daily use and with a few variations.

Bifold Wallets

A bifold wallet has two sides and folds to close hence the name. This option is great for carrying cash, credit cards, ID cards, and even a few receipts or tickets. While this option can be easy to overstuff if you aren't careful, it is still slimmer in both profile and overall bulk when compared to a trifold wallet or checkbook wallet.

Front Pocket Wallets

For a slim, modern approach to the everyday wallet, the front pocket wallet is a great choice for the man of style. This option is usually even slimmer than a bifold with one side offering a few card slots and the other holding either a clip or small gusset. This option is called a front pocket wallet because it is meant for keeping in your shirt pocket, but many men also comfortably carry them in their pants pocket without issue.

Hipster Wallets

Hipster wallets, also called attaché wallets, are similar to the bifold. This option folds in a similar manner but it is slightly taller. It is still a slim style wallet and it has a dressier vibe to it which makes it perfect for special occasions or professional settings where you want to make a good impression.

Card Case Wallets

Another option that is different yet still within the modern wallet family is the card case. This is a slim option with room for credit cards and business cards. It is slimmer and more compact because it usually doesn't have room for bills or extra compartments.

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