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The 2020 Leather Show in Milan

July 4, 2020
When I visited the Milan leather show in late February, Coronavirus was just rearing its head outside of China. The show was busy and optimistic. Here we are walking into the rather spectacular convention center. It is always nice to see all of our old friends and meet new contacts here in the world’s biggest “candy store” for all things leather-related. This year it was all about sustainability and environmental impact. I feel proud that for 50 years our signature leathers have been sustainable and eco-friendly. Made in Tuscany with vegetable tannins still extracted from the historical natural sources, our tannery also complies with protocols from the Kyoto and Paris agreements pertaining to human and environmental values. At Bosca we are big believers in “what is old is new.” We constantly try to honor our past as we create for the future. We are impressed with new technical materials and we see them as valid, but we remain committed to creating beautiful products offering a warm organic touch as only leather can. Two weeks after the leather show, we were witnessing the expansion of the Italian lockdown. Here is a view of Piazza Santa Croce, usually a place of activity and social energy.   I have been back in the US for three weeks now- two weeks of self-isolation and a week of state-mandated “lockdown.” I am feeling especially distant from our associates at Bosca and our partners throughout the world. Our friends in Italy are still in “lockdown” but our friends in Guangzhou send good news that life is returning to normal in that part of the world. We can see that as a sign of optimism. It looks like we are just hitting the difficult stretch here in the U.S., but we will overcome these challenges! The photo above was provided courtesy of Freya’s Florence Tours-Freya Middleton
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